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Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics

  • STEAM curriculum for sixth thru eighth grade
  • Inquiry-based instruction utilizing creative thinking
  • Interdisciplinary approach to curriculum
  • Extra and co-curricular activities expanding STEAM concepts
  • Professional partnerships to ensure authentic learning

Curriculum & Instruction:

  • Each grade level will use AESD core curriculum coupled with Project Lead The Way courses
  • Integration of science, technology, engineering, arts, and math throughout curriculum
  • Learning goals aligned to high school expectations

Project Lead the Way

  • Creative problem solving program that relates to real-world challenges
  • Taught in conjunction with rigorous AESD curriculum
Sixth Grade Seventh Grade Eighth Grade
Design & Modeling Science of Technology Introduction to Computer Science 1
Automation & Robotics Medical Detectives Introduction to Computer Science 2

High School & College/Career Readiness:

  • University/college partnerships for mentoring, and fostering a college-going atmosphere
  • A college & career ready culture enabling students to see beyond high school
  • Work collaboratively with high schools to ensure students are prepared for curriculum

School Culture & Climate:

  • Culture of Academic Excellence
  • Partnerships between teachers, families, and students focused on academic achievement
  • Unwavering belief that all students can and will learn at a high level

Extra & Co-Curricular Activities:

Sport Activities STEAM Activities
Cross-Country Odyssey Of The Mind
Volleyball Chess Club
Basketball GO Club
Track & Field Lego Competitions
Soccer Technology Club
Cheer & Dance Robotics